“Something is wrong with the baby’s heart.”  These are words we never expected to hear at my 18 week ultrasound when we were pregnant with our third child.  In less than a week, we were introduced to Dr. Wayne Tworetzky and the cardiology clinic at Children’s Hospital Boston. 

Although our world was turned upside down, we were immediately aware that we were in the right place.  Four months later, our daughter Megan was born. 
She is the little sister of AJ and Alex and she was born with a combination of rare congenital heart defects. Her diagnosis is Ebsteinís anomaly, repaired ASD, and non-compaction of the left ventricle.

After spending her first three weeks at Children's Hospital Boston, we were able to bring her home on oxygen. She remained on continuous oxygen until she had open heart surgery.

In her first ten months, Megan spent 32 days at Children's Hospital Boston. Her doctors call her a miracle, which of course we already knew! Megan will continue to be monitored to see how her heart responds and changes as she grows. So far, so good. She continues to pleasantly surprise us with her enthusiasm, strength, and her ability to recover and persevere. Except for taking four medications a day and a few extra doctor appointments, we are grateful that she leads a very normal four-year old life.
She takes after her big brother AJ - we always knew that Megan and AJ had a special connection. Soon after Megan was born, we learned that Megan’s oldest brother also has a mild form of Ebstein’s Anomaly and the same non-compaction as his sister. Gratefully, he is completely asymptomatic and at this point will just need to be monitored. He loves to read, play sports and play with legos!

We will be forever grateful for the capable and compassionate care that Megan, AJ and our family has received from Children's Hospital Boston. We pray that they will live many years
without further intervention but feel fortunate that they are being monitored and cared for by the amazing staff at Children's.

It is for these reasons that we feel compelled to give back to the place that has done so much for our family and thousands of other families. With continued research, we know that the prognosis and quality of life will continue to improve for all heart children.  So, with the incredible support of family and friends, we have organized Hearts at Play – the family fun night as well as all of the other components that continue to expand and grow.  We are grateful for all of the support we have received – family, friends, the local community and even those we have not even met.

Thank you for your continued support!

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